Hairstyle PRO - Try On Hair Styles for Women App Reviews

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So fun!

I love this app! Its fool proof! You can save your favorites and even use them to show your stylists! They even give you the step by step instructions on how to get the look!! Totally worth the price, makeover programs are usually pretty expensive. Cant wait for updates!

Super fun

Would love to see an update to somehow match brows to new color! Thanks though GREAT app!

Fun and helpful

My mom wanted to get another hairstyle and this was a big help. Please includ boy styles and some more funny hairstyles.

Not worth 2.99+taxes!

I think I wasted my money. Day one you play with it and have fun , but after its just boring!

No boys aloud?

Great tool for sylists. Wouldnt mind if they had some styles for men. Though it is fun trying on the girls hair, it is not practicle for the guys. Thanx, love: The Devil


What a waste of $2.99!!!!! The colors such and if you dont have the perfect pic nothing looks right!!! The only thing this program is good for is making funny pics with it animals!!

Love it!

Easy to use (really), and if you can take a very basic pic of yourself (@ChiRicco: does take a couple of tries but is definitely possible), youre in business. I got the free version first but it had so few styles I had nothing to "play with" so I got this version and am very glad I did. Took my mugshot, plugged it in and went through all the styles applicable to my hair length. Immediately, and much to my surprise, I could see how wrong my choice of "intended" color was... The color I thought would look good on me turned out to make me look absolutely awful. Also, selecting a hairstyle was quite an eye opener; I have finally discovered the most flattering styles for me, and most of them I would have never even considered if I didnt get this "preview". I can tell you this app has saved me a whole lot of grief, and money. I picked the style, the color, saved it in and showed to my stylist - without having to describe anything. The picture truly was worth a thousand words, and I LOVE the final, real result and get a ton of compliments on my new do. I have absolutely no problem giving this one a five star rating :) Maybe the maker of this app can write one up for men?

100 styles? I see 27....

Its missing 73 out if the 100 hairstyles, the colours are terribly fake looking and Id say its a waste of three bucks. Please add the remaining styles and some funkier colours, and I might up my rating

The only good thing is the idea...

A lot of missing styles, colors are awfull: they all have to much light reflects and all look pale, black almost look blonde. For the hairstyles, they all look like dusty ragdolls out of the closet after too many years due to the poor colors. Give a try to the free version and dont expect anything more from the 2.99 one.

Awesome fun

Easy,fun,useful. My friends and I love using it and it even tells you how to get the style. Even if your norplanning on getting ur hair cut, its still a great app:)

Love it, Love it, Love it!!

This app. is very fun and easy to use. Even my 8-year old daughter likes to use it. Although my 7-yr old son wasnt impressed by the long, curly hairstyle she added on his picture, he seemed to enjoy choosing styles he thought would look awful on her. This App. has helped me immensely. I am now looking for a new hairstyle. With this App. I have narrowed it down to 3 styles. I believe I am brave,(or stupid), enough to let my friends choose between the 3 styles. HAIRSTYLES is well worth the price! It is very useful and entertaining. That just reminded me; In the next update please add an afro, if only for the laughter that would be heard in my house. Thanks for a great App.!!

Useful app

Yes it is true that the colors need improvement & that it would be great to have more styles. I think this will likely be remedyed on future updates. Despite that however it is extremely useful in getting a pretty good idea of how you would look like with that hair style or color that you are considering. At the very least, it will avoid you making a really bad choice that may need to last a long time.... Please consider doing the same concept for sunglasses that could then be purchased online. I can never find a pair that looks really good on me. Really good app. Thanks

Fun hairstyle game

Only problems are 1. The styles dont fit your face too well 2. Hair colours look faded out. Otherwise its great.


I really like this app. But you guys need updoes too. I have a wedding coming up and would like to see updoes!!! Just a thought

Excellent App. Great Styles. Good Selection.

i have recommended both your hairstyle apps to many people and they have all been impressed. Unfortunately, not everyone gets around to rating and reviewing. So Im speaking for a cluster of women and three award-winning stylists and salon owners. 1. There are NO "80s" hairstyles in here. Maybe 90s, but definitely not 80s. Clearly some people have NO idea what we used to do to our hair--women and men! 2. Im 46 and I didnt come across one single style that looked too immature for me, or even my mother, for that matter. 3. Not everyone has the same face is true, but many of the styles suit more than one face shape. I have run through every style (even short ones which I dont plan on using) with several different pictures of my face and the styles are so face-friendly that I can wear almost every single style in both your apps. My stylist and my cutter both said the same thing. They might not be new styles on the cutting edge (pardon the pun)l I dont know and I dont care. Fads are ugly and theyre what we laugh at 20 years later; classics always find a way to fit in, even if its just a litte. The styles are just lovely. DONT get rid of them. 4. I dont give two hoots about the models. I didnt even notice them--I use MY face not someone elses. I didnt get the app to stare at other people or models; I got it to try on hairstyles on my own face, lol. 6. I wouldve paid more for this app. I tried three others first and they were useless, but this one is fantastic. Even though the reds dont work for me, I am giving it 5 stars. I have red hair, but I use the Clairol color app to change the color because I dont really find any of the reds in the app to look anything like my hair color, but thats nothing new. 6. Sure, more long hair styles, but theres only so much you can do with long hair before you start putting it up, pulling it back, or texturizing the crap out of it and cutting it so it isnt long anymore. There is a decent selection of different styles for all hair lengths now, but more is always better. 7. I also dont think the styles are too formal--some are formal, some are not. For long hair, casual styles are braids, ponytails,, and maybe a messy updo. That would be a very boring app. They suit work and they suit evening events. Thank you and sorry for being so verbose, but I dont want to see this app get dropped; I want to see more from it.

Not great

I find that most (95%} of the styles are for straight hair with long and narrow faces.

Wow, this App is LAME!

The majority of styles are way ugly! And yes, the majority do look like theyre from the 80s, maybe even the 70s. They dont fit the face, no options to change that. Some look like a piece of carpet left out in the weather for years, then plopped on your head! Some resemble a cats scratching post after its worn out! Nice try, but this is bad, I wouldnt keep it or use it even if it were free!


This app is very entertaining and works really well! The styles are a little 90s but theyre fun! Im looking at the other reviews on here and clearly people dont realize how to work it. You can squish or stretch these styles to fit any face by using to fingers. Maybe this app doesnt have enough instructions or perhaps these ppl just arent savvy enough!

The best!!!

Waiting for updates

Its very realistic!

This app is so much fun! The hair looks real! I dont know why it doesnt have more reviews. Of course some hair styles are hilarious on me!

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