Hairstyle PRO - Try On Hair Styles for Women Examine App

Très bien realise

D un super effet a essayer d urgence enfin une ampli bien réalise


Bonne application,mais ce serai bien davoir des coupes pour homme également.

Idée originale mais application bâclée

La finition laisse a désirer. Les boutons semblent fait avec des images grossières, les textes sont troubles (imagé la aussi?). Le plus grave : les cheveux ne sont pas abri-aliasés, le résultat étant médiocre. Une couche alpha était un minimal monsieur le developpeur. Ces erreurs sont inexcusables sur une plateforme aussi bien pourvue sur le côté graphique...


Très difficile de cadrer correctement, et les coupes ne ressemblent en rien à de vrais cheveux!

Super applique

Réaliste, mais une traduction francaise serais bienvenue.

Géant !!!

Cette appli est vraiment bien, le bas du visage est conservé,contrairement au systeme style "passez votre tete par le trou", les coiffures variées et jolies,le changement de couleur tres classe, labsence de transparence pas genant,bref on a ce quon cherche,a telecharger sans aucunes hesitations !!!

Fun et bien fait

Une application que japprécie beaucoup car très fun et bien fait!


De multiples coiffures et cela fait super réel ! Bravo très bonne appli


Très peu de style à choisir .pas très utile,juste un jeux for fun mais un peu cher


Tres bien application!:-)


Fonctionne ,est pratique,drôle.

Styles are awful

There’s not one style I’d ever consider, and I don’t think I’m alone in that.

Outdated hairstyles

Not worth $2.99. Cuts are boring. No current trends. Bobs would be nice as an update at least.

Just okay

The app works pretty good but the styles are outdated and cute but crazy. I'm looking for short haircuts for curly/wavy hair, something that I can do and not have to go to a stylist everyday to get my hair right! I want normal haircuts and sadly this doesn't do it for me.

It's very realistic!

This app is so much fun! The hair looks real! I don't know why it doesn't have more reviews. Of course some hair styles are hilarious on me!

Very nice!

I tried some free apps for trying on hairstyles and none of them worked. I tried this to see how my daughter would look in short hair, like she is wanting to get. This was great! It even lets you pick the color of hair and even has the funky colors to choose from as well as regular colors. Lots of hair styles too! This is exactly what I was looking for. Love it!

So much fun!

This app is so cool! I love trying on different hair/ beard styles. Great to kill time with friends!

Best hair app

I found this app to be the most realistic when applying styles to a photo. Styles are modern and not outdated. Great variety of color with full version.

New dos and donts

Love this app easy to use if you follow the steps... Lol gave me so many new ideas and also great fun to use it on other people. I even did one of my dog just for fun!!

Lots of fun

My kids have a great time with this.

Beyond Fugly

Worst hairstyles I've ever seen. Save your money.

Needs improvement

Every time I try this app it keeping going back to home screen. It's hard to get past the first step of your photo

Very Nice but

I love this app. It helps a lot and gives pretty cool hairstyles. But I wish it told step by step how to do the hair styles

No risk Hairdos

Had this app 3 years & haven't found one better. TIPS: use a full face forward pic of yourself and take your time lining up the guidelines.


Love love live this app!

Best. Hairdo. App. Ever.

I am amazed at how accurately this app shows how one might look with different styles. Honestly these types of apps tend to be klunky at best but this one is really different. Can't wait to take these realistic photos to my stylist!


This is very easy and fun it so cool how you fix your hair

Lots of fun/your pocket hairstylist!

It's very easy to use and even if there is a part you don't understand you can find the solution on the info page. You'll have a blast and probably find hairstyles you never thought would work for you. There is 103 medium length styles alone! Not to mention if you do find some styles that you love you can save the picture to your camera roll, upload to Facebook or email it to someone for a 2nd opinion. Hope you use it as much as I have!!

Just great!

It makes me laugh every time!


Love this app!! Searched tons and liked the reviews for this one so I downloaded! They were right. Lots of styles and colors. Took a sec to figure out the controls, but once I did it was a snap!! The styles look very realistic, could even be sized appropriately to fit my children's faces fine. Recommend to anyone looking for a new style, or just to play around :))

Best hair app yet!

This is by far the best virtual hair makeover app I have found! So easy and so many styles. My husband and son even like for me to make them over!


it works great easy way to choose a hair style and hair color before going to the salon. use ur own pic and choose your hair color u have or want and the hair style you like. but I wish it had more updates

It's cool BUT

It doesn't do everything it is supposed to do. I bought the upgrade and it won't connect with Facebook so I can upload my photos and get others opinions

Great for business

I love this app! I have used it several times with my clients already! It is a great tool for hairstylist to have!


Unbelievably great ap!!


I love this app. It's so cool. Great to see what I would look like in different kinds of hair styles and colors! :)

Fantastic App!

Love this app and definitely well worth the $1.99. Time can past by fairly quick trying on the different hairstyles and colors - it is pretty fun to see how you might look in a different color, straight or curly hair, and short, medium or long. May take getting used to making sure the style gets positioned properly on you, but the editing function often helps do the trick. Would love to see more hairstyles added on!

Good Fun

This app is great! Lots of hairstyles and, as long as you edit your picture, it looks pretty realistic. I could sit here going though the different styles and colors all day.


I love this app!!!

Best Hairstyle App Out There!

I have tried all the various hairstyle apps in the app store and this one is by far the best. It has lots of different choices, for short, medium and long hair, and tons of hair color options. It even has a mens section so you can have fun with your man too. It's very easy to use, highly realistic, and it gave me lots of great ideas. I highly recommend this app!

Great app!

Easy to use. Lots of hairstyles.


It's ok for a few giggles, but I didn't find it to be very helpful. I'm 42 and I found the styles to be either outdated (I'm talkin' the 80's) or meant more for teens. It also advertises that there are curly styles, And as I have naturally curly hair that is what I was most interested in but there are pitifully few of them, and most of those are more wavy than curly. I hope they add more styles as the app updates.

Great App

Very easy to use and lots of hairstyles and colors to choose from.


But what would make it a 5 star totally AWESOME APP would be the option to either use there own hair color and style or one they choose the choices and apply highlites or streaks or a two toned effect

Holy cow!

I'm always SUUUPER skeptical about buying apps, but I am SO happy I took a risk on this one! I'm avidly looking for a new style to sport at my wedding in a few months, and I of course have to be POSITIVE that it will look good, because it's my big day! This app offers incredibly realistic fitting styles and colors, in fact, I found the cut and color I have now and it looked like I had snapped a photo of myself on the screen! A MUST HAVE FOR THOSE AFRAID TO TAKE THE HAIR CUTTING PLUNGE! :)

Best app!

I totally love this app, and used it when I went to the salon to get my most recent haircut. My friends and relatives love playing with it at get togethers.


Really lets you see how you would look with different hairstyles and colors

Awesome app

Good to have a idea how u might gone look with a new haircut


This app is soooooooo awesome!!!!


I purchased this app along with the makeover app because I really want a new hairstyle. This app is awesome, you can change the angle and direction of your face, change the color for each specific style it is AWESOME!! I hope they keep improving it. The colors and style look very real. DO NOT buy the makeover app it was $1.99 and pure junk compared to this!!!

Love it!!



I've been having lots of fun with this!

I love it

Good app to use on clients who dont know what they want.

So much fun!

Absolutely hysterical putting hair on everyone I know including myself. Most of the hairstyles look real.

Great buy

Fun exciting app worth it


I was blown away in how real some of the hairstyles look, and It was very helpful when my mom , me, or my sister had to get a haircut or wanted a new hair color! I hope that the makers of this app will keep perfecting it to make it even better! Also, it's soooooooooooooo much fun when you can make your friend have a new hairstyle andi I can email it to them. I hope that this app goes far. Oh ... And one other thing, you could have a hairstyle app for pets, maybe new ears and body colors,,, and actual hairstyles!!! Well, think about it... I gotta go to a big time rush concert, so byeee!!!!!!!

So fun

And relatively realistic! Colors could be better.

So much fun!

I am having a great time with this app! I've gotten my next hairstyle narrowed down to the best 8 or 9! Love the choices of colors and options for photo sources.

Wonderful App!!!

This app is fun to use. So concise... Now we find a style that helps us Look our very best, while choosing The colors that we would like to Try but where to afraid to experiment.

Not Bad for the Money

There are many apps like this available on the Internet for free, but for $.99 this one is fun and useful. At first, I was incensed when it appeared that there were only 33 hairstyles for women and 9 for men, rather than the 270 that were advertised. I even emailed the developer to whine about it. The developer politely explained that I needed to SCROLL DOWN among the styles to find the rest. OK, I'd like to think I am tech savvy, but yesterday I was an idiot. It would be helpful to see an arrow to guide users to the rest of the styles, or a verbal reminder on the same screen. It would also be helpful to be able to adjust the shape of the blue face positioning guide: not all of us have skinny, oval faces. I love being able to plug in all the hair colors, safely, and without commitment!


I totally love this app! It gives me a better idea of what a possible hairstyle would look like. Since I'm going from long to medium/short. Yeah it's a hard decision but I've found a few that I like! Thx! A+++

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